Our team of experts utilize their accumulated experience in various different industries and conduct financial analysis of a company while pointing out the strategic issues and key improvement areas to enlighten and guide the shareholders and the management.
We assist our clients in both short/medium term budgeting and long-term strategic planning processes. We either offer our support with a guiding role or directly involve in the budgeting/planning process as a team member in the company. Our aim is to enable our clients to gain an integrated planning point of view.
Drawing on industry knowledge and leveraging an extensive network, we provide sector-focused advice on the sale process from strategic positioning to close, and we help execute acquisitions, alliances and mergers. We also advise C-suite executives and boards on evaluating strategic alternatives in the context of transactions.
Our long years of experience in partnership and valuation projects enable us to guide and support the management of our clients in critical decisions. We map out the whole partnership process from the beginning of the early negotiations to the realization of the transaction and construct an elaborate framework.
Many different financing projects over the years enabled us to develop a perspective of a financial institution. With this ability, most of our financing projects were resulted positively or even created partnerships. We diversified our experience with the projects of international financial institutions such as IFC and EBRD in the recent years and also developed a strong network.
Developing a project for strategic and financial investors, research and identification of potential investors, preparation of the company for sale and valuation are the critical steps of this process. We assist our clients in each step with our strategic business partners.
Inflation, devaluation, high competition and scarce resources affect the operations and the financial management of the companies significantly. In addition, many companies have built an entrenched structure over the years with the pressure of market conditions. We evaluate the working capital management systems of our clients, guide for the necessary actions to be taken and provide a comprehensive support in this process.
We help identifying the restructuring strategies by conducting thorough analysis and also assist in implementation process of restructuring and turnaround processes.
Financial assessment and control systems such as cost control, pricing analysis and profit center control have critical importance for the companies in these harsh market conditions. Our team of experts implemented and carried out these systems for many clients with success.
Companies without a structured and a participative financial planning system carry crucial risks of economic fluctuations, rapid growth and competitor actions. We implement sound financial planning systems for our clients and contribute to their planning processes.
There are various different risks for a company depending on the area of business, market conditions and the equity/debt structure of the company. Our risk assessment and management services aim to ensure the long-term benefits of the shareholders.