We provide our clients with the latest developments in the economical and political environment of the country as well as the historical background and trends via short briefings or workshops.
We conduct industry&market researches that serve different focuses such as; trade, strategic investments or financial investments. Each focus shapes the scope and details of the research projects together with the requirements of the clients. Scope of the projects include all aspects of the business environment in the target market while answering questions about competitors, market structure, government regulations, product distribution, domestic customer base, economic trends, future projections and technological advances. Our research services enable our clients to make fact-based business decisions about the target market.
Analysis of competitive environment focus more on microelements, that is on the competitors, in the market. In this respect, it includes more competitor specific data and it gives more detailed information about their business practices. We also conduct comparison analyses in specifically tailored criterias between target companies and its competitors via extensive face-to-face interviews. In addition to that, an analysis of competitive environment places more detailed importance on regulatory framework and activities.
We help in identifying and screening potential business and joint-venture partners or acquisition targets. When regulations or commercial expediency call for a partner, we draw on our extensive experience in due diligence and partnership structuring to help our client screen, identify and secure the optimal partner. We can identify a variety of different partners, including subcontractors, Joint Venture partners, distributors, licensees and franchisees.
We advise organizations on how best to enter to the selected market from structural, legal and operational perspectives. We also assist in mapping and making the initial connections to important government and industry contacts and networks. The purpose of the Market Entry strategy is to identify the relevant factors affecting the client’s decision to enter the market, refine or enhance the client’s strategy to reflect actual business characteristics, identify meaningful opportunities and risk factors and provide directional guidance. The process allows the client to obtain answers to important questions relating to the market entry process.
The Business Plan, projects the financial results over a period of time (typically 5-6 years) based on the proposed entry strategy and identifies the ‘levers’ available to influence a Business Plan in a particular direction such that it aligns with the organization’s stated goals. We apply our critical planning factors and rigorous questions planning analysis to ensure the Business Plan thoroughly addresses all business issues in the context of the Turkish business environment. Our Business Plan Development service provides our clients with this process in a highly structured and well documented manner. For companies with an existing Business Plan but need an Assessment or Review, our consultants perform an Assessment of the Business Plan (or equivalent plan) to determine the client’s “readiness” to implement their project.
M&A Advisory: Drawing on industry knowledge and leveraging an extensive network, we provides sector-focused advice on the sale process from strategic positioning to close, and we help execute acquisitions, alliances and mergers. We also advise C-suite executives and boards on evaluating strategic alternatives in the context of transactions.

Financial Due Dilligence and Fiscal Advisory: We provide financial due dilligence and/or fiscal advisory services through our business partner firms.

Negotiation/Legal Services: We provide negotiation and legal advisory services through our business partner law firms. The services include legal and strategic due diligence, legal audit, negotiation of transaction agreements, applications to the regulatory authorities and litigation and international commercial arbitration.

Establishment – Structuring: Through our Business Partners, we provide complementary expertise in the initial establishment and structuring of the business and operations. We provide an integrated set of customized solutions to assist clients through the entire market entry process.

We assist clients in the actual establishment and early stage operation of their businesses. Our incubation services allow companies to start operating whilst the incorporation of their company is in progress, as well as avoid the costs and risks of extensive expat deployment. This keeps early stage investment costs to a minimum until there is real traction in the business. Some of our services at this stage are: Company incorporation & licencing, partner supervision and relationship management, recruitment, business incubation/early-stage operations, management support.
Sourcing directly from suppliers is an opportunity for sustainable procurement savings and competitive advantage. Our end-to-end sourcing capabilities secure our clients the most capable and competitive suppliers in Turkey.