BKP is an Istanbul based research and consultancy company founded in 1997. We are assisting foreign companies/investors in entering/investing to Turkish market and assisting Turkish companies through various advisory services. We are serving local and international clients, providing hands on consultancy in a broad range of problem constellations for a wide range of clients from various industries.

BKP’s primary focus is to assist clients in understanding the Turkish market, developing and executing market-entry and go-to-market strategies, and in creating sustainable and successful businesses in Turkey. We offer our services to clients around the globe, which can be strategic investors, financial investors or exporter companies, and our wide-ranging expertise is borne out by more than fifty successful projects, which focused on various specific market segments and/or target companies.

Our research and consultancy services help companies in evaluating the markets, potential target companies, competitors, opportunities and risks in Turkish environment, which offer a solid platform for making sound investment or trading decisions. Each project is tailored to meet the needs of our clients and to answer specific business questions. We established our BKP EMEA office in Paris by the second half of 2014 and started to serve clients targeting different markets in EMEA region.

We lead with


Our team of analysts and consultants are each experienced in international and Turkish business environment with professional expertise and background in multinational and local companies for more than twenty years.

Locality and Network

We built a broad business network in countless different industries by the long years of local business practice and professional experience. We are keen on offering these advantages at your service!


We always rely on sound information and solid evidence followed by thorough analysis in our work. This constant principle provides the most consistent and reliable results!


We are doing a niche business and it demands the ultimate flexibility to answer the requirements of our clients. We do not hesitate to push our limits to provide the top service experience for our clients!

The Team

Deniz Kabaagac
Deniz KabaagacManaging Partner
Deniz is the Founder and the Managing Partner of BKP Research&Consulting. He has 30 years experience across a variety of countries and industries as both a financial management executive and a management consultant.
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Emrah Oral
Emrah OralSenior Consultant
Emrah is a Senior Consultant of BKP Research&Consulting. Over his more than ten-year career, Emrah has worked in the fields of financial audit, financial management, product marketing, industry research and market entry fields.
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Gökhan Bayer
Gökhan BayerBusiness Consultant
Gökhan is a Consultant of BKP Research & Consulting. In his career, Gökhan has worked in the fields of corporate finance, Sales&Marketing and business development. His experience in different fields offers a versatile perspective in each project for our clients.
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BKP is an approved consultant of


The British Chamber Of Commerce

U.S. Commercial Service

Italian Trade Agency

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